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What we do best

Sustainable Clothing

At RT Knits, we have the ambition to go beyond compliance and do things differently. From careful raw material selection, streamlined processes to intelligent packaging, Sustainability is deeply-rooted at all levels of our supply chain. We help you ensure optimal decisions for the environment and close the loop through our Sustainable Clothing mission. 


All our products are fully compliant with industry-recognised Sustainability certifications and international social audit requirements.


What it means for you

Certified Partner

Our sustainability management system is regularly assessed by third parties, which means that you can count on us to deliver genuinely sustainable products.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In line with our Emission Reduction targets, projects are continuously being initiated to help you significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your products from Tier 1 to 3.

Responsible Collaboration

We are constantly on the lookout for disruptive, innovative technologies and eco-friendly production techniques. Together, we can design responsible products from the ground up.

Regulatory Compliance

Our dedicated Sustainability team aims to improve your readiness for ever-changing legislations and guide you throughout your adaptation and compliance journey.

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