+230 206 8888


55 M

Turnover (USD)

17 M

Pieces (Capacity)

1.7 K


50 +

Years (Expertise)

100 %

Mauritian Production

RT Knits’ origins has roots in 1970. Over the years, we have inherited the trust and reputation of our partners. For the last five decades, our apparel manufacturing has evolved to a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-quality products.  As of today, we keep on investing in our infrastructure and modern technology to continuously improve in what we do and how we do.  Our 50 years of expertise enables us to offer resourceful solutions to our partners.

Friday 10th July 2020, it marked an important milestone in the history of the incorporation of the first textile company in Mauritius; RT Knits’ origins. Discover more on Our story.

RESPECT : Be committed and always show consideration to your colleagues and customers.

INQUISITIVENESS : Be adventurous, embrace change and press the novelty button for sustainable growth.

GREATNESS : Be engaged towards achieving the extra mile and strive to nurture excellence.

HAPPINESS : Feel and spread positivity by balancing work, health and family life.

TRUST : Be honest and consistent in everything you do, walk the talk and move together as ONE.


TEAMWORK : We believe that team effort creates value in our engagement towards customers.

INNOVATION : We innovate by welcoming every small idea to challenge the status quo.

COMMITMENT : We commit to proactively make things happen besides fulfilling our duties on time.

KEEP CUSTOMER FOCUS : Wowing our final customer is our priority.