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World Cotton Day – RT Knits uses 100% preferred cotton

On this World Cotton Day, it is important to acknowledge that sustainable cotton is a positive contributor to the textile circular economy because it is a renewable material that is natural and biodegradable as it breaks down quickly in soil and water. It does not therefore, contribute to microplastic pollution which has an adverse effect on the marine ecosystem and human food chain. Microplastic pollution can affect the human health by exposing us to problems such as cancer and weakened immune system among others.

The market share of preferred cotton grew from 24% of the total cotton production in 2018/19 to 30% in 2019/20 but although this growth is commendable, it is unfortunate that only 30% of cotton used in the textile industry can be considered as more sustainable (Preferred Fiber & Materials Market Report 2021, Textile Exchange). Hence, we still have a long way to go…

At RT Knits, 100% preferred cotton (BCI or Organic) have been used in the textile and apparel products that we have manufactured in 2020/2021 because we put sustainability at the core of all our economic activities.

In our journey towards a circular business model, we continuously collaborate with our clients and suppliers because we strongly believe that all players in the value chain have the responsibility to make the industry more sustainable.

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