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Work-life balance: Jacky Tang and Mir Alamin Hossain represented Mauritius at tournaments

Jacky Tang, CAD Head at RT Knits, is a sports enthusiast. He was part of the Mauritian delegation at the Indian Ocean Island Games held from 25th August to 3rd September in Madagascar. He officiated as umpire for the table tennis programme namely the men’s singles final and the men’s team final.

He also served as umpire during the African Championships (2018) and the Indian Ocean Island Games (2019). Both events took place in Mauritius. Since his childhood, Jacky Tang has been practicing sports. Besides table tennis, he practices archery and cycling. He won medals in various competitions.

Mir Alamin Hossain, from the marker-making department at RT Knits, had the chance to be part of the Mauritius national cricket team during the Southern Africa T20 Cup from 27th May to 1st June. He has enjoyed playing cricket and football since his childhood as he believes in team spirit. Mir Alamin Hossain often plays for RT Knits’ cricket team.

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