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Team-building: Employees embody the values of RT Knits

Respect, inquisitiveness, greatness, happiness and trust are the core values of RT Knits. Our employees embody R.I.G.H.T. and believe in the power of teamwork. Recently, a team-building was planned to enhance staff’s wellbeing and strengthen their commitment to the company’s values.

The engaging and fun event took place at a cosy hotel in the east of the island. Five teams had the opportunity to bond during a 45-minute challenge. They were driven by RT Knits’ mission and sustainability goals. In addition, the participants demonstrated that TICK (teamwork, innovation, commitment and keep customer focus) is at the heart of everything they do at RT Knits.

The company regularly conducts indoor and outdoor team building. In 2022, various departments had fun improving team cohesion. While contributing to a positive impact on the lives of its people, RT Knits provides value-added services to its portfolio of clients.

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