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Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks: Policymakers from Africa visited RT Knits

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) organised a three-day study tour in Mauritius. Policymakers from Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe learned more about the island’s experience in terms of developing Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks to accelerate industrialisation and eradicate poverty.  The Economic Development Board (EDB) facilitated the visit of the African delegation in various industries.

From the textile and apparel sector, RT Knits welcomed the 17 members of the delegation on Thursday 12th October for a tour of the factory. “I am impressed by the size of the enterprise and the number of jobs created, at how well organised the production floor is, as well as, the enthusiasm of the staff”, shared Patrick Osakwe, Chief – Trade, Poverty and Inequalities Branch at UNCTAD.

He explained that the Special Economic Zones are areas delimited by the government to provide special incentives to foreign investors so as to create employment and stimulate the productive capacities of the country.

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