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RT Knits partners with NGOs to help the less fortunate

RT Knits hosted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event at its premises in June 2021 to reiterate its support to 8 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) with which we have collaborated over the years. These NGOs are involved in the following fields:

  • Environmental protection
  • Fight against drug and alcohol abuse
  • Detoxification, rehabilitation and reinsertion of women drug addicts
  • Welfare of mentally retarded people
  • Wellbeing of poor and abandoned children
  • Support to people suffering from Lupus
  • Socio-economic development, health, education and sports

In his speech, our CEO asserted that aside from our production activity in Mauritius, we remain committed to the protection the environment and help those who are less fortunate.

It is worth highlighting that throughout its journey, RT Knits has unwaveringly played its role as a responsible corporate citizen because we believe that we have a duty towards society in its quest to promote education, protect the environment and eradicate social scourges such as poverty and drug addiction among others.

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