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RT Knits donated unsold and debranded garments to Caritas Ile Maurice

Adhering to AGEC (anti-waste law for a circular economy) principles and aligning with the recent European Union’s prohibition on the destruction of unsold textile products, RT Knits donated a thousand leftover garments to Caritas Ile Maurice. Prior to donation, the garments underwent a debranding process. The objective is to promote the repair, reuse, and recycling of textiles, which are considered preferred disposal methods when compared to incineration and landfills.

On Friday, December 15, Anil Deegumber, Administrative Manager, and David Fong, Head of Sustainability, presented the garments to Patricia Adèle Félicité, secretary-general of Caritas Ile Maurice. The non-governmental organisation provides support services to 10,000 families and empowers vulnerable groups. The garments will be provided to those in need in the following weeks.

The debranding process, coupled with the donation, enabled RT Knits to maintain the brand’s values while helping the needy.

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