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Health and Safety Week 2023: For the well-being for RT Knits’ family

To create a culture of safety consciousness and to improve overall health and well-being of RT Knits’ family, a Health and Safety Week was organised from 21st to 25th August. A variety of activities were conducted:

  • Eye screening
  • Drug and substance abuse awareness session
  • Breast cancer awareness session by Link To Life
  • Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) awareness session by the Ministry of Labour
  • Healthy eating awareness session by NutriSmart
  • Fire Safety Training by APAVE
  • Defensive driving training by Barlen Munusami
  • Awareness session on the abuse of antibiotics and energy drinks by Acsa
  • Blood donation

The primary goal of the Health and Safety Week was to raise awareness, promote best practices and encourage active participation in activities that prioritise the health, safety and well-being both of the organisation members and the community.

Additionally, P.A.T.H conducted health checks on 13th and 20th August, which included Electrocardiogram (ECG), BMI measurement and various screenings such as blood pressure and blood sugar. Counselling sessions with doctors were also provided.

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