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Environmental Report of RT Knits

CEO’s Message

Dear reader,

Climate change is undeniably one of the biggest threat to sustainable living on our planet. And if we don’t make drastic changes now, we may cross the point of non return in just a few years.

As an apparel manufacturer and with this challenge in mind, we have set out a mission “to accelerate the transition towards sustainable clothing.” We started our environmental protection journey back in 2008 when we were the first company in Mauritius to install solar water heaters at industrial scale in order to reduce our use of fossil fuel. Since then, we have been working hard to make our textile manufacturing more sustainable.  

As a testimony of our commitment to building a sustainable business model, we are proud to be the first textile company in Africa to have committed to science-based targets, and we are working on our plan to reach climate neutrality throughout the supply chain by 2040 in line with the 1.5℃ climate pathway.

In this context, to share our environmental progress, I am pleased to tell you that we are launching our first Environmental Report today. In this report, we talk about how we are addressing 4 key climate challenges, namely:

  1. Natural resource depletion.
  2. Climate change .
  3. Healthy & sustainable living.
  4. Sustainable production & consumption.

As a manufacturer, we have provided insights on what we can do to foster our collaboration with other stakeholders of the industry for the sake of decarbonisation.

As we usher in this new era of inclusive growth by respecting the environment, we hope to collaborate with our upstream and downstream partners so that together we help in creating a sustainable textile and apparel industry worldwide. In so doing, we will leave behind us a healthy planet for the generations to come.

I hope you will enjoy reading this report, and we would be glad to receive your comments and ideas to improve both our actions and reporting. Please send us an email at:

Thank you.

Kendall Tang, G.O.S.K
RT Knits

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