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Educational tour at RT Knits: An immersive learning journey for secondary students

An educational tour helps students connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications. They have the opportunity to witness real-world industrial processes, understand manufacturing techniques and gain insights into various aspects of automation as well as sustainable practices at RT Knits.

Eight students from Loreto College Port Louis visited the textile company on 27th May 2022. For the “Fashion and Textiles” as well as “Design and Textiles” students, the guided tour was an informative and enriching experience.

From 7th to 21st August 2023, RT Knits welcomed 168 students from Sir Abdool Razack Mohamed State Secondary School, Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School (Solferino), Marcel Cabon SSS and Medco Cassis Secondary School. The visit was an initiative of the Mauritius Export Association (MEXA), with the help of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, in the context of the Open Days marking the 53 years of the export sector in Mauritius.

The educational tours are an opportunity for the young minds to learn more about the conversion of yarn to fabric then to ready-made garments. They can also envision a future career path in departments such as design and product development, marketing and sales, administration, IT and AI, engineering and sustainability as well as operations.

RT Knits believes that there is room for every talent in the manufacturing and entrepreneurial fields.

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