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We are committed to continuously improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint of our activities. We achieve results through optimisation of our processes, investments in new technologies, training our people and prioritising clean energies.


Sustainable water use is beyond just saving it. We are committed to the highest standards in water management and always looking for opportunities to reduce our water footprint through optimisation, investment and innovation.


We aim 100% compliance to the ZDHC wastewater guidelines, which goes beyond regulatory conformance.

Air quality

We work to improve air quality to protect both the human health and our environment. That’s why, we actively support cleaner fuels and vehicles, invest in technologies to monitor air quality and collaborate with other members of the industry to drive climate action.

Chemical management

Sustainable chemical management is a natural part of our business, essential to protect human health and the environment. We consider safe, responsible and economical use of chemicals throughout their life cycle from procurement, storage and use to disposal.

Solid wastes

We action at each stage of the supply chain starting with sustainable sourcing, through to design, sustainable disposal of manufacturing wastes, exploring alternatives for packaging and we aim to facilitate sustainable disposal at the end-of life of our products. 

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