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Operations Coordinator

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Check Money In – Incoming payment and match with orders; Liaise with Accounting if not matching; Ensures order number well accounted on Filemaker as payment received;
  • Process, Follow up and Complete Tshop Orders systematically; Process Teamonite orders (only upon instruction of Ops Manager);
  • Check Incoming Teamonite Orders for PRINT (For subcontractors);
  • Check Cancelled Orders on Teamonite and Tshop and Send note to customers or add comment;
  • Monitor Order Status; On Hold, processing; Production Launched; Pick Up and completed Orders;
  • Process refunds; Respond to customer feedbacks/Complaints; Send SOA as per requests; Review / Tackle comments on Website;
  • Follow up pending/Excess payment as per report with customer;
  • Understand production processes to assist Ops manager in day to day decision.

Assist other team members WHENEVER NEEDED as per below:

    Assist Sales Team in ensuring a good customer service in processes before an order is placed

  • Respond to requests whenever sales team are out of office for meeting;
  • Send customer quotations upon instruction received from sales;
  • Assist Sales team in preparing Size Sets for customers.

Assist Product Leader in her responsibilities

  • Helping in subcontracting requests (quotation or reconciliation) as per instructions of Product Leader;
  • Support in returning samples to stores.

   Assist CMO in her responsibilities

  • Support in gathering data for analysis or reporting requirements.
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